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Life of Prophet Idris (a.s)

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Idris (may peace be upon him) is one of the honored messengers whom Allah mentioned in the Qur'an. Alla h mentioned Prophet ldris in Surat Maryam, A yahs 57-58. Allah, the Exalted, said:


This Ayah mentions that Idris was a trustworthy prophet and had a very high status.


It is obligatory to believe in Idr is. This means that it is an obligation to believe that he was a prophet and a messenger of Allah.


Idr is was the son of Yarid, who was the son of Mahla'il. His lineage goes back to Shith, the son of Adam. Idris is among the forefathers of Prophet Nuh, may peace be upon him.


The Life History of Idris



Idris was the third Prophet. He came after Adam and Shith (may peace be upon them).


Idris was the first to write with a pen. Fifty Books were revealed to him.


He was born in Babylon, a city in Iraq. Before he received the Revelation, he followed the rules revealed to Prophet Shith, the son of Adam.


When Idris grew older, Allah bestowed Prophethood on him. During his lifetime all the people were Muslim; no one associated partners with Allah.


Idris in Egypt



Afterwards, our Master Idris left his hometown of Babylon because a great number of his people committed many sins even after he told them not to do so. Some of the Muslims left with Prophet Idris. It was hard for them to leave their home.


They asked Prophet Idris: "If we leave Babylon, where will we find a place like it?" Prophet Idris said: "If we immigrate for the sake of Allah, He will provide for us."


So the people went with Prophet Idris and they reached the land of Egypt. They saw the Nile River. Our Master Idris stood at its bank and mentioned Allah, the Exalted, by saying: "Subhanallah."


The High Status Of Idris



Idris and those who were with him stayed in Egypt calling the people to follow the rules of the Religion, in the acts of worship and the dealings.


Our Master Idris (may peace be upon him) lived a period of time and then he died. He had a high status to Allah, as Allah said: 


Surat Maryam, A yah 57 means: [We raised his status high.]


Idris gave preachments and had good manners. He called the people to worship the Creator alone, as did all of the Prophets


The Call of Idris



Idris called the people to the Religion of Allah, Islam. He called the people to save themselves from the torture in the Hereafter by worshipping the Creator and by doing good deeds in this world.


He ordered the people to pray, fast, pay zakat and he forbade all intoxicating drinks.


It was said that during his time seventy-two (72) different languages were spoken.


The Cities of Idris



Idris (may peace be upon him) was the first to draw for his own people the rules of designing cities.


Every group of the nation of Prophet Idris built cities in their lands.


During Prophet Idri s' time, eighty-eight (88) cities were built.


Prophet Idris was famous for his wisdom. Among his wise statements is: "Patience,4 along with belief, leads to success."


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