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Names of The Prophets (A.S)

Posted by JHR on December 16, 2011 at 4:10 PM

Written by Al-Imam ibn Kathir

Translated by Muhammad Mustapha Geme’ah, Al-Azhar

Stories of the Prophets

Al-Imam ibn Kathir


1. Prophet Adam

2. Prophet Idris (Enoch)

3. Prophet Nuh (Noah)

4. Prophet Hud

5. Prophet Salih

6. Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)

7. Prophet Isma'il (Ishmael)

8. Prophet Ishaq (Isaac)

9. Prophet Yaqub (Jacob)

10. Prophet Lot (Lot)

11. Prophet Shuaib

12. Prophet Yusuf (Joseph)

13. Prophet Ayoub (Job)

14 . Prophet Dhul-Kifl

15. Prophet Yunus (Jonah)

16. Prophet Musa (Moses) & Harun (Aaron)

17. Prophet Hizqeel (Ezekiel)

18. Prophet Elyas (Elisha)

19. Prophet Shammil (Samuel)

20. Prophet Dawud (David)

21. Prophet Sulaiman (Soloman)

22. Prophet Shia (Isaiah)

23. Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah)

24. Prophet Daniel

25. Prophet Uzair (Ezra)

26. Prophet Zakariyah (Zechariah)

27. Prophet Yahya (John)

28. Prophet Isa (Jesus)

29. Prophet Muhammad

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